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Mindful motherhood in raising boys

Mindful motherhood in raising boys


I have a deep love for my motherland Kenya, and the thought of leaving her to start a new life elsewhere petrified me.

In 2007, I left Kenya for the first time to attend a Finnish Ministry of Foreign affairs sponsored, month-long Foreign Correspondents Programme in Helsinki.

This trip was my first time flying in an aeroplane too.

The trip’s experience and culture shock opened my eyes to the world beyond what I had grown up knowing, a story which birthed this blog.

My attraction to the Scandinavian world did not dissipate, that is why in 2009 I applied and won a scholarship for a two year Masters in Journalism program, under the Erasmus Mundus foundation.

My studies commenced in Aarhus, then Amsterdam and ended with a year in the beautiful Welsh city of Swansea.

The two years of academic studies and travelling across Europe not only changed me on an intellectual level but also on a personal one.

Mama Fadhili

The name Mama Fadhili has become synonymous with my first name.

In my Kenyan culture, we respectfully refer to mothers, often informally, by the name of their first child. In this case, Mama means Mother, Fadhili is the name of my firstborn son.

Fadhili is Swahili for Compassion.

His younger brother is Farajiwhich in Swahili means Comfort/Consolation.

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