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About me

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🌟 Welcome to my captivating corner of the blogosphere! 🌟

I’m Judy Wanjiku —a journalist, creative writer, and cooking enthusiast, proudly embracing my identity as a Kenyan living in Denmark, with two incredible Afro-Viking boys.

Step into my world, where I passionately share unique content on parenting, navigating cultural dynamics, and profound reflections on life.  Embark on a literary journey with me, as I unveil inspiring tales of resilience and discovery, drawing upon my early escape through books from challenging circumstances in Kenya.

✨ But that’s not all! ✨ My pursuit of excellence led me to prestigious universities through a full scholarship from Erasmus Mundus, where I mastered journalism with a focus on war and conflict. Now, I’m living my childhood dream abroad, and I’ve documented every step of this extraordinary journey on the “Everyday Life With Wanjiku” blog—a place of self-preservation and celebration.

As you explore my blog, you’ll witness my growth as a versatile and talented content creator. 📚🎨 I’ve honed invaluable skills like writing for a diverse audience, SEO copywriting, CMS, and Social Media Marketing, making every piece I create a delight to engage with.

🤝 But it’s not just about me! 🤝 I want to connect with you, my cherished readers! Whether it’s commissioning me for writing or photography projects or simply discussing the captivating topics I cover, I’m here and eager to engage.

💌 Let’s embark on this exciting journey together! 💌 Feel free to reach out via email, and stay connected through Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for fresh, thought-provoking content regularly.

Join the adventure and be part of our ever-growing community! Together, we’ll inspire and uplift, as we delve into the wonders of life abroad and the joys of motherhood, sprinkled with cultural fusion and heartwarming moments. 🌍💫 Don’t miss out on any moment; I can’t wait to connect with you! 💕