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Garissa Terror attack

by Wanjiku Wanderi - Jorgensen

Lest we forget

Remembering the 147 students who died in the Garissa Terror attack

My heart and mind are with my motherland – Kenya.

I am a very angry woman though.

I am angry that so many lives were lost this Easter.

I am angry that 147 mothers and fathers burn with tears at the loss of their children.

I am angry that there is so much in fighting and dominance of egos in the Kenyan military, GSU and police units.

I am angry because lives would have been saved had the Recee Squard been allowed to do its job without interference.

I am angry at the poor pay and incentives accorded to those mandated to keep Kenyans safe.

I am angry at the empty words of this government.

I am angry because the Al Shabaab knows our weaknesses as Kenyans, and uses those to hit where it hurts the most.

I am angry at the Imams and Muslims who know these shoddy characters, yet still bow to worship with them.

I am angry with the authorities who do not treat security breach tip-offs from the public with the seriousness they deserve.

I am angry with that police or immigration officer who looked/looks the other way while illegal immigrant crept/creep into Kenya.

I am angry with the Kenyan government for taking this time to do terrible PR in the face of mourning Kenyans.

I am angry at the blood spilled in Kenya since 2007.

I am angry at the loud silence of the world Media and leaders in light of the 147 children who died in the Garissa terrorist attacks.

Where is Je Suis Kenya?

I am angry with myself for feeling so helpless, scared and lost.

I am angry at the inconsistency of this world.

I am an angry, yet, very hopeful Kenyan!

God bless my motherland


(I read this poem out at the Aarhus Poetry Slam. The tears couldn’t stop from flowing. Lest we forget)

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